Adobe is the world’s oldest high performance and sustainable construction technology.

Benefits of adobe

Thermal Mass

Adobe’s high thermal mass relative to wood frame construction means that when it is used properly, adobe can store heat in winter and maintain comfortable household temperatures in hot summer months.


The primary constituent of adobe bricks is earth, and earth is everywhere. In many cases, soil excavated from the building site can be used to produce bricks and mortar.

Small Construction Crew

Adobe bricks are modular and sized to be carried without mechanical assistance and by a single person.


Adobe is appropriate for both modern and traditional construction. Its compressive strength and pliable qualities allow it to create unique shapes and masses.

Low Embodied Carbon

When sourced locally and stabilized with asphalt emulsion, adobe bricks and mortar have a significantly lower embodied energy and a smaller carbon footprint than wood or concrete.

Quick Learning Curve

Once the principles of adobe construction are understood, walls can be built with minimal experience—it is a skill which can be learned on the job.