About us

Adobeisnotsoftware was founded in 2009 to:

  • Inform, enable and advance adobe construction in California.
  • Educate the public in the building and conservation of adobe structures.
  • Reform California building regulation and remove ill-informed barriers to adobe construction
  • Encourage research about the seismic and thermal behavior of adobe construction
  • Foster dialogue and connect practitioners
  • Encourage collaboration with advocates for other building technologies and pursue common goals


Visit us in the desert and learn about adobe!
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Kurt and Ben met in 2006 at Northern New Mexico College. Through their shared passion for adobe, the desert, and green chile, they have collaborated on numerous adobe projects, including a dome, a vault, and several earthen ovens.

Kurt Gardella

Kurt has been teaching and building with adobe since 2006. He offers classes through Adobe in Action and at Santa Fe Community College.
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Ben Loescher

Ben is a licensed architect, founder of AiNS and principal of Loescher Meachem Architects in Los Angeles.
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