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Los Angeles Interior Earthen Plaster Class
May 1, 2014

Earthen plasters are a great way to finish just about any wall substrate in the home. They create a soft, natural and breathable final plaster layer which regulates humidity, smells and sound in the room. This May, Kurt Gardella returns to California for a one-day intensive workshop to teach you how to finish your existing wall substrate (poured concrete walls, concrete block walls, drywall, old plaster finishes) with an earthen plaster mix using affordable, off-the-shelf bagged clays and sands. Attendees will leave the class with the knowledge necessary to finish their own walls using inexpensive materials that can be easily found at any pottery supply store.

The class is suitable for homeowners, building professionals and do-it-your-selfers. No prior experience is necessary.

Topics Include:
  • Clay sourcing, testing and preparation (bagged clay screening & soaking)
  • Sand sourcing, testing and preparation (bagged silica sand screening)
  • Importance of aggregate grain variation in plasters
  • Finish coat straw selection and preparation (fine chop)
  • Finish plaster tool overview and usage
  • Strength additive overview, preparation and mixing (wheat paste)
  • Earthen plaster finish coat mixing, application with hawk and trowel
  • Earthen plaster finish coat surface finishing techniques (sponge, hard metal trowel, plastic trowel)

Instruction Type:
This is a hands-on class. Attendees will have the opportunity to get dirty and use tools and equipment typical of earthen finishing. Due to the course format, enrollment will be limited to 10 individuals. Instruction will occur primarily indoors.

Kurt Gardella
teaches adobe construction at Northern New Mexico College, is Director of Education for Adobe in Action, and is certified as an earth-building specialist by the German Dachverband Lehm.

Ben Loescher is a licensed architect, founder of adobeisnotsoftware and principal of golem|la, an architecture firm specializing in adobe construction.

The class will be conducted in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles, and hosted by Root Simple. Coffee and nibbles will be provided at the beginning of the day; lunch is included.

Registration: $50 per person; registration closes at midnight on April 25th
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Please do not hesitate to contact Ben by email at mud[at] or by phone at (760) 820-5326.